A little about me…

Hi, I’m Georgia, a writer/editor/copyeditor/translator from London.

I specialise in writing about: healthcare (I was a registered nurse for several years); education (I am a qualified teacher); the media (I worked as a journalist and in film before teaching media and film studies); and Latin America (I hold a degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies and I lived and worked in the region for several years).

While in Latin America, I worked as a copyeditor, translator and journalist for international news outlet teleSUR, as well as a copyeditor and translator for Ñan, a beautiful bilingual travel magazine).

I have also written: guide books for Rough Guides; articles on media education for Media Magazine; travel articles for Stanfords; and creative pieces for Arty.

Back in the day, I won a Guardian Student Media Award as editor of my school paper, which the newspaper described as “witty, fresh and well-written – delightful”.

Perhaps I am most proud of the book I worked on with Lottie Aldarwish, Little Cookery, as it has helped so many parents teach their children the basics of baking.

Please check out more of my writing work here.

Get in touch…

Email me at hello[at]georgiaplatman.com for more info.

On the side, I also run craft workshops and try to take photos of beautiful things (<- that’s one of mine; portfolio underway). Follow me @georgiamakesthings to see some of my creations.